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The oldest building which preserved in time, legally attested , is the monastery of Cosuna-Bucovat. The date of construction was marked differently in many sources. "Pisania" ( a religious book) indicates the day of 3rd December 1572, but another source indicates the year 1573 ( between 25 June and 11 December). An old book said that the monastery was built in 1438 ( this also being the opinion of B.P.Hasdeu and N.Iorga). A proof of an older existence is given by the list of founders who donated the church many estates, some of them are : Basarab-Voievod Tepelus (1472-1481) and his son Neagoe (1512-1521). The list of Dionisie Eclesiarhul, kept in the monastery, made reference to donors and founders, some of which are : Mihai Viteazul and his lady, Patrascu cel Bun, Nicolae Patrascu. Some scientists believe that the Craiovesti built the monastery, some of them believe that the monastery was built in the place of an older church, by Stepan, the leader of Craiova. The church presents a plan with a tall spire on the nave; the pronaus is vaulted by two semispherical caps separated with a double arch in east-west. The monument had a porch which was destroyed in 1929, when it was considered to be an addition. The outside part is covered in apparent bricks, the bricks are putting in three horizontal lines, crossed at equal distants of two bricks vertically arranged ; a median girdle, formed of two lines of toothed bricks, divides the front in two registers. The church of the monastery Cosuna represents an impressive monument also because of the original paintings which appeared after the restoration made by the painter Traian Trestioreanu in 1970.When the old picture was removed, in 1873, appeared wonderful frescos from the 16th century. The church of the monastery of Cosuna is an important and a beautiful monument, like the Cozia monastery.

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